Program Details

The workshop opens with on Sunday evening with a reception sponsored by the University of Connecticut. The curriculum each day has a theme and guiding questions related to the assignments. Monday, Wednesday and Friday will be spent in residence at the Inn at Ellis Square and visiting Landmark Sites in Savannah; Tuesday and Thursday will be excursions to The Penn Center on St. Helena Island and Hog Hammock on Sapelo Island. Summer Scholars will have assignments to be completed before the start of the workshop. Readings, recordings, and films will be shared before the start of the workshop. During the workshop, Summer Scholars will work in teams to develop multimedia projects that demonstrate an enhanced understanding of Gullah culture, both in history and in its contributions to contemporary American society. These projects will be shared on the last day, followed by a discussion of how Summer Scholars might work with their fellow educators (in music, visual arts, dramatic arts, language arts or social studies) to involve students actively in the study of American history through engaging them in the arts. The workshop concludes on Friday afternoon at 4:30 PM.