Events are at the Hampton Inn & Suites Salon B unless noted otherwise.


3:30-5:00 PM               Registration

6:00 PM                        Welcome and Information Session

6:30 PM                        Cultural Performance:  Geechee Gullah Ring Shouters

7:30 PM                        Reception


Landmark Sites:          African American Tour of Savannah,  Pin Point Heritage Center

Reading:                    “A Slave’s World,” Dr. Erskine Clarke

Reading:                    “Gullah Speech:  The Roots of Black English,” Dr. Peter Wood

8:00 AM                      Opening session

8:30 AM                       Dr. Erskine Clarke

9:30 AM                        Discussion

10:00 AM                     African American Tour of Savannah, Karen Wortham

12:00  PM                    Lunch

2:00  PM                     Dr. Peter Wood

3:00  PM                     Discussion

4:00  PM                      Pin Point Heritage Museum

6:30  PM                     Low Country Boil

7:30  PM                     Return to Hampton Inn & Suites


 Landmark Site:           The Penn Center, St. Helena Island, SC

 Theme:                       Sounds in Place and Time: The Plantation and the Praise House

Guiding Question:        How do black-white interactions affect cultural creations and

productions during the antebellum and post-bellum periods?

Reading:                       ” A Sense of Self and Place:  Unmasking My Gullah Cultural

 Heritage” Dr. Emory Campbell

 7:15  AM                       Depart for Penn Center

8:30  AM                        Tour:  York W. Bailey Museum and Penn Center grounds

10:30  AM                      Break

10:45  AM                      Brick Baptist Church

11:00  AM                      A Sense of Self and Place, Dr. Emory Campbell

12:00  PM                     Gullah Organic Farming, Sara Green

12:30 PM                       Lunch from Gullah Grub Restaurant

1:30  PM                        Down by the Riverside and Other Spirituals, Ron Daise

3:15  PM                       Break

3:30 PM                        Visit to Praise House

5:30 PM                        Dinner, on you own

6:30  PM                       Group work on projects


Landmark Site:            Georgia Historical Society

Theme:                        Images and Iconography

Guiding Question:        How are the Gullah, and by extension, African-Americans

represented in images and iconography? By whom and in what?

8:00 AM                        Group Work in Salon B

9:00  AM                      My Authentic Self:  Gullah Traditions, Leroy Campbell

10:30 AM                      Discussion

10:45 AM                     Break

11:00  AM                     Primary Sources, Allison Dillard, GHS

11:45 PM                      Break or Lunch

12:00-5:15 PM             Georgia Historical Society (divided into groups)

5:15 PM                        Dinner, on you own


Landmark Site:           Sapelo Island, GA

Theme:                       Stories and Artifacts

Guiding Question:       What is the nature of African and of American influence in                                                      the Gullah tradition?

Reading:                      “Summoning the Ancestors:  The Flying Africans’ Story and Its

                                     Enduring Legacy” Timothy Powell

6:15 AM                       Departure – Please Be Prompt

8:30 AM                        Ferry to Sapelo Island

9:00-2:30 PM                Sapelo Island- History, Culture and me, Cornelia Bailey

Tour of Island

2:30 PM                        Ferry to mainland

3:00 PM                        Leave for Savannah

4:30  PM                       Dinner, on your own

6:30 PM                        Group work on projects


Landmark Site:            Hampton Inn & Suites Conference Room

Theme:                        Traditions and Transformations

Guiding Question:         What traditions are being continued and how are they being


8:30 AM                Gullah Resources for Teachers, Victoria Smalls

9:30 AM                Break

9:45 AM               Watch Night, Liberty County  Representative Al Williams

10:45 AM              Break

11:00 AM                Group Presentations

1:30  PM                 Summary, Assessment and Future Endeavors

2:00PM                   Buffet Lunch provided

3:00 PM                 Certificate Ceremony

For more information on Landmark Sites, see Landmark Sites